ghost story.

there's always this history behind us that we can't shake; it's our past and it sticks to us forever. shooting the video for "devil creep" at letchworth village compliments that idea.


the village opened in 1911 as a facility for the developmentally disabled before it was eventually realized as one of the last giant stains in the history of treatment for the mentally challenged. understaffed, under funded, over-crowded, and poorly maintained, the facility carries its fair share of ghosts, both literally and metaphorically. 

much like "devil creep," a song about no matter how hard you try to fight for something to stay or be one way, there's this unexplainable thing that sometimes just won't let you, or keeps getting in the way. your past catches up with you and you need to accept and live with it, move forward despite any devil or odds you're up against. 

i like to think about letchworth village and "devil creep" both as shadows of the past that have shown us where we've been, but also offer us a springboard to leap forward from. personally and as a society it's important to realize, to never forget, where you've come from only so as to move forward. 


thats the the connection; a village of ghosts and a song about one.