cabin theory.

"When I made For Emma, it was my last chance to see if I could sit down and make something, for myself, that was beautiful."

i've always had this desire to lock myself away from the more concentrated parts of society for months at a time to better understand my creativity as is; less influenced by the day-to-day bullshit that your brain is constantly bombarded with. justin vernon recorded for emma, forever ago over the course of three months, isolated in his family's cabin in northwestern wisconsin. much like vernon, artists such as james vincent mcmorrow and ben howard talk about isolation and an almost "coming of age" moment within nature in many of their songs. the musical projects these guys have put out since these (what appear to be) revelations are regarded as some of their best work. ever watch a video of trevor hall talk about his music through his experiences with nature? he's almost as excited as that double-rainbow guy. anthony kiedis would hide away in hawaii when he needed to get himself right again. sometimes when you step away from the rest of the world, time catches up to you, and you find yourself living in the present, facing your experience as is. 

natural environments, healing, and music: i'm feeling a pattern here; we should want to get away from the day-to-day responsibilities and stresses and sort our heads out. only when you're thinking clearly can you really put all of your energy into your passion, and truly accomplish something with it. i think i could really create some of my best work if i had that opportunity.

obviously one cannot just disappear whenever they please; i would have done that already. there's consequences to that. it takes planning. but if we can find just a few moments of that "cabin" every day, think about how much clearer our heads may be. little victories, mini stay-cations, "cabin fever." some people meditate. some people just close their eyes and listen to their own breathing. if we all just found our cabin for a few minutes every day, who knows, we all might be doing ourselves a favor.