night terror.

my soul is home in that it belongs to you. my hands set to grasp something they cannot hold. 

my heart is swollen in my chest, my lungs try to breathe you. i feel worth. full. full in your clutch, that in that moment we are no longer two. i swear id stop this beating heart if only i could sync it with yours. to align our breathing.

your skin becomes my blanket as you strip me down. i am bare bones. i am a child in your bed.

and as i sit here suffocating in this crumbling house of sticks and stones, walls once saturated in love,  i feel you in my chest. you move through me. my gut twists when i realize youre not there. for a moment ive removed myself.

im heartbroken when i come back to right now. she brings all of my senses alive at once. ive transcended myself when youre holding me. 

give me till morning. ill be fine.