album art.

photograph and lyrics by Nolan Kennedy. all edits, arrangements, and design by Shane Kennedy, 2014. 

photograph and lyrics by Nolan Kennedy. all edits, arrangements, and design by Shane Kennedy, 2014. 

every time i got a new CD growing up i would pull out the insert booklet and go through it for lyrics and pictures. nowadays the market doesn't favor hard copy compact discs, forcing that tangible booklet into near extinction. my love of lyrics has inspired a digital lookbook, now available on the website. the songs are very lyrically driven anyway; being able to listen and follow along with what im saying, i think, is key. even more, there's nowhere on the internet right now where one could google and find my lyrics, so i wanted to make them available somehow. this became the best, and most creative, way to do that.

the photographs i picked for this have a theme. we hadn't actually planned this but during my selection process it just sort of happened that way. ahhh destiny.

the photographs were taken by myself, my brother, and a most excellent friend of mine. they're all of places i have been to in my life, part of my human experience. the ones taken by the other guys signifies their piece in this album; how everybody came together to help me make this happen. it's just another way of showing how this is "our" album. everyone and everything in my life thus far goes into what this album is.

everyday for a week we'll be putting out a piece of the lyrical album art. seven days, seven songs (we're starting with two today). at the end of the week we'll post the remaining photo pages  that have "thank you's" and other sorts of poetry unaffiliated with the lyrics.  i hope you enjoy it. 

the first shot for "cover you," shown above, is easy. it was last spring. i was walking to work in the evening, just around sunset. when i was crossing third avenue i just got the best vibes from a burning sky to my left. i stopped and took the pic really quick. new york city has been the last three years of my life. she's a bitch, but she's given me a lot and taught me a lot more; i owe that to her. it's only right to show that in all this concrete there still beauty to found all over.

navigate your way over to the 'album art' page for the other shots, and all shots to come this week. the gallery only allows for thumbnail images to be shuffled through, so you can find what song you're looking for. to view the entire lyric page, you'll want to open it in a separate tab. all arrangements, edits, and design for the pieces done by my brother Shane Kennedy.

cheers. much love. enjoy.