"why do you play?" she asked.

i never really thought about it like that. it was usually a “who do you play for?” situation.

the only thing I see myself ever doing is trying
to move people. That seems worth it. I want to make people feel things in their
lives that normally don’t receive the proper attention it deserves. Music is
something to believe in. It’s one way to directly reach out to two opposite
people at the same time. Even if the words don’t make sense, or you don’t
understand a particular language, or there are no words at all, the beat itself
is what strikes those nerves. What about that chord progression makes your
stomach flip over? That chorus that makes your hair stand up? What about that
bass drop makes your brain explode? Why? What is it about that? Not the science
itself behind it, because it’s more than science. There’s a soul to it all.
That’s what I’m talking about. Music is art that bridges that hollow gap
between the conscious and the subconscious. Proper reflection. When you’re more
in tune with yourself and your own considerations, that’s when you are better
capable to relate, love, and appreciate everything else and everyone important
in your life.