those six people...really suck.

the other day there were six anti-gay rights protesters outside of the parking garage next to where i work. it really pissed me off. first of all, what did the parking garage ever do to you?


it’s embarrassing to know that one day i’m going to have to explain to my kids that there are people out there in the world who still don’t think that, regardless of sexual preference, people are all equal and each individual deserves the same rights and opportunities as another. maybe you like men. maybe you like women. maybe you’re into both. right on. you do you. i do me. these protesters were preaching hate. chanting “god hates fags” over and over again is by no standard a solid form of “recruitment” (if you will), and why is it that sexual preference seems to be the focus of an individuals “sins” rather then the content of their character?  i could maybe go on and on about that, but that would be a long ass essay involving a lot of history, philosophy, and psychology. that’s not for this post. this post is about the evolution of mankind towards a more accepting society.

remember sitting in elementary school class and learning about the Civil Rights Movement? thinking to yourself how ridiculous the discriminatory Jim Crow laws sounded? one day i hope that hate that i saw outside the parking garage (once again, what dumb-asses. a parking garage?) will be snickered at in classrooms. but right now, there’s children being raised thinking that homosexuality is a sin, damnable by God. i find that unacceptable.  remember no black-white marriage? wait, so if two people love each other they can’t be married? that sounds crazy. oh wait. right. that’s sometimes still the case. wtf.

and today we have the remnants of a historically racist society still living in ours among us today because honestly, a lot of those racist ole bastards are still alive! and with their negative energy still flowing, it’s hard to make it all disappear completely. in the last fifty years even, we’ve made great strides; however, there will always be that little sliver of hate. the remnants of an ignorant society regarding gay marriage and homosexuality will also linger into the future. who knows if it will ever be wiped out entirely. so what’s the point?

it’s something we need to be aware of. the protest reminded me that as much as you try to love the world around you and spread good energy, there’s always going to be a buzzkill trying to tear you down. with enough awareness and proper education and understanding, hopefully one day we can all just get along. in the mean time, i’m fighting the good fight. i encourage you to do the same. cheers.