this ghost of ours.

“this ghost of ours” is the name of a poem I wrote not too long ago and I was looking to convert it into a song. I was thinking that I could at least use the same ideas from it to write a really good piece. I went over to my army sack and opened the front pocket where I keep the endless number of books that hold all my song ideas, poems, thoughts, bullshit ideas and whatnot. As I was going through the collection I found an old small black and white composition book that I hadn’t opened in a few months. When I started reading what I had written a while back I revisited an idea I had about human nature and emotional survival. Most of you are thinking, “great….no sleep, too much tea, and he’s been smoking. Here we go again.” I’ll be sure to summarize. If you ever want, I’ll let you borrow the journal and read the full version. Doubt anyone will take me up on that. If you do, cheers.

What I was getting at was that essentially human beings are animals, fully equipped with all of the tools nature has given us to survive. One of our greatest gifts as human beings is the ability to adapt and survive in almost any environment using the technology we’ve created, and have been creating, for thousands of years. Other animals aren’t so “lucky” in that sense; moreover, they survive in their ideal environments using the tools that nature has provided them. I’m curious as to what our ideal environments as humans are, whether or not we can survive is not the point. Ideal not only means physical survival, but mental stability, wellness, and happiness. That’s ideal.

I considered the idea that most people I know work their asses off fifty weeks out of the year to go live somewhere else for the other two on “vacation,” where they wish that was what life was like every day for the rest of their lives. If they don’t go to a location within driving distance they ship off somewhere exotic and surround themselves with palm trees and an ocean. Some people like to go camping or get lost somewhere in the woods. A lot of my friends go snowboarding or up in the mountains somewhere. For the most part, I feel like human beings are always clinging back to some fascination with nature. We escape to “paradise,” either a beach or beautiful landscapes where we find we’re better in tune with nature and ourselves. So why are most of us living in places, or at least a state of mind, that is absent from nature? Have we really grown so large in our ego as a species that we consider ourselves separate from all that is natural? Is that why it is so pleasing to revert back to a more natural environment? Because it is separate from us, yet we still find it enlightens us? I think we’ve got it backwards.

We’re making life too complicated for ourselves. I think it’s important to remember that we are also part of nature and that overall great scheme of things that exists alongside us, not around or under us. I’m not sure I’ve explored the matter deeply enough yet. I’m sure I will. Blame “this ghost of ours.”

I’ll post that when that’s done too. It’s the least I can do after all this.