its so easy to forget how beautiful the world around us really is. especially for those of us who dont live in a “tourist destination” or somewhere that you could find (or maybe never find) on any given map, anywhere. its even easier to get caught up in the day to day bullshit that we continually occupy our time with. in fact, youre reading this now over doing whatever bullshit you could be finishing up.

its just as easy to take a step back, take a deep breath, and really look around. really. look. around. find beauty in the things around you. the colors. the patterns. the shapes. peoples faces. ive always envied those photographers who live their lives through lenses. those who can see what art lies behind any given frame. so much potential in beauty.

fortunately for me i have one of those in my life. we dont get to catch up as often as id like, but i follow his work closely. my good friend nick vorderman. he didnt take the picture above, but because he liked it on instagram, i consider that a win. he is the photographic standard by which i rate my art and others. the man has an eye for capturing majesty and the moments in which its engulfed. you see a blank sky, the man sees fireworks. his work speaks for him. i included links to his blog and webpage at the bottom. give it a look. it may inspire you to really drink in whats going on around you. you are simply one person in a very big, fast paced world. dont let the stress of society distract you from the world you live in. dont forget your role in this universe; to love and spread that love. a large part of that is recognition of beauty in all things. his work inspires me. it reminds me.

remind yourself. – im a huge fan of page “iv” on this website. i like old cars. they have a story.