organics & heart-strings.

i came to a realization today after posting a song on soundcloud. i recorded it in my living room, with some basic recording equipment, just because i felt like laying something down. it sounded groovy. so i let it out into the world. and i had a bit of an epiphany. hear me out.

when i first realized that i wanted to be an artist for the rest of my life, regardless of where my economic stability came from, there’s a series of thoughts that occur after, which i still often entertain. a lot of the time these thoughts all dance in unison (holding hands mind you, in joyful celebration) around the idea of one way or another making a living solely from your artist product. as a musician, a lot of that goes back to the idea of “the romanticized studio,” or “professionally recorded/edited material.” ive come to the realization that while both concepts are very similar, they also are very unique. ive been in a studio. ive recorded with professionals. but there was always something missing from it that i couldnt quite pinpoint. i thought to myself: “kyle..” (because thats what i call myself)* “youre in the studio man, this is where the magic happens. what are you so upset about?”

meanwhile, one of my favorite things to do at home was record rough tracks on my computer or phone. listen to them back. try to re-live them, the moments which they were created for. theres something about at-home-recordings that spoke to me a little more. maybe because they sounded live. maybe because they  were just like a home movie. how it can tear you inside-out with nostalgia. even playing live, audience members would come up to me after the show and comment how much they loved my “live sound,” how i really moved them. “where can we hear that again?”

i thought “well…nowhere, really. the recordings wont sound quite like that.” furthermore, “why cant i have this effect in the studio? whats different about it?” it just felt so much more, well, ORGANIC live. and ORGANIC when i was in an artistic mood in my living room, or deck, or at a friends house, and hit “RECORD” on the laptop.

now maybe i havent found the right studio yet. this is where people could say that ive just been doing it wrong all this time. “your sound should be YOU, what YOU want it to sound like.” however, i came to the realization that the perfect polish of the romanticized studio is not really for me. nor does it really capture me best. the best part about an artistic piece is the emotion that goes into it. for the longest time, i was concerned that the rawness of a recording would turn people off. “then what the hell did you make it for? if its emotion, and its raw and honest, its therefore effective.” oh right. art is for feel. not superficial standards. its not crisp, perfect notes. nor magical strum patterns. i say what i feel and i meant it the way it came out. boom. in that recorded moment, ive captured art in a particular setting in which it was created.

its more pure that way. at least thats what i think.

recorded songs are going to be more frequent now. which doesnt say theyre not recorded with professional equipment. they are. it just feels so much more, again,


*for those of you who got this reference, cheers. if not, you didnt watch enough boy meets world as a kid*