Born with an ear for music, Nolan Kennedy draws listeners in with his compelling lyrics and subtle but powerful melodies. His debut album “the honesty theory” has been receiving much praise and has been quickly gaining traction since its release in October. His first single “Apologize” is currently circulating radio in the Philadelphia area.

Nolan’s music comes from a deeply personal place. His lyrics tell stories about his life experiences and those who are a part of it; from problems at home to more personally centered problems, the good and the bad side of humanity, and finding a place somewhere within and between it all. His songwriting comes from a place of vulnerability, for other people to find.   

Born and raised in the Greater Philadelphia Area, he began playing violin as a child but quickly moved to guitar because he felt it was more conducive to thought. Nolan BELIEVED he could BETTER fill in the blank spaces of what he couldn’t play by singing whatever was going on in his mind.    

Developing his unique sound in college, Nolan collaborated with various artists of different backgrounds. From this, he began incorporating pieces from each style and method while slowly crafting his own sound. He moved to New York City after graduation to further explore the evolution of his sound and performance.      

Inspired by life’s events, Nolan’s ultimate goal is to help people. through writing his aim is to help listeners reflect on their hardships as well as appreciate their greatest memories.

“The lyrics of other people’s songs are what made me want to become a writer; and the way melody has a way of taking over your entire body is what made me want to become a musician. The way music gets me through life…I owe that back to the world.”